Plucky in London!

Plucky Maidens Go to London!

The Plucky Maidens invite you to junk, explore, laugh and 
wander the streets of London for 6 days and 5 nights.

September 7 - 12, 2018 

We will meet at our London hotel near Hyde Park
 on the morning of Friday 9/7 & the tour 

will continue through the following Wednesday 9/12 at noon.

There will be group activities as well as free time each day of the trip.
You will be accompanied by Pam Knecht (founder of the Plucky Maidens) who
lived in London for 3 years and knows the city
like the back of her freckled hand.

The Plucky Maidens Package includes:
Six days of adventures, five nights of accommodation and a delicious breakfast
each day at our lovely central London hotel.
{Shoppers are able to book either a double (2 twin beds) room or
single (1 double bed) at the hotel.}

3+ visits to a variety of London junking venues,
 including off the radar spots and car boot sales!

A tour of the State Rooms inside Buckingham Palace.  
This is a rare opportunity, as the Palace is only open to 
a limited number of visitors for just a few weeks each year.

A traditional English dinner in a gorgeous and historic pub.

A visit to Trafalgar Square and the National Gallery.

Afternoon tea at a London landmark restaurant.

A visit to the world famous Harrods Food Halls.

We will also show you the basics on how to get around in London using the Tube
 and city buses, the best way to see the sights! 

Please note:  There is a lot of walking on our flea market trips. 
 This is NOT the kind of trip where you spend most of your time on a huge bus, 
being driven from monument to monument in 15 minute increments.  
That's so NOT Plucky!  ;~)

This trip is designed for purchase of items such as
clothing, accessories, ephemera, linens, jewelry, bric-a-brac, etc. 
Specifically, treasures that can fit in an extra suitcase,
 or that you are willing and able to mail home.

We do not make arrangements for shipping containers.

Cost: If you prefer a room of your own, 
the cost for the 6 day package is $2,975.  
If you are traveling with a friend and want to share a room,
 the cost is $2,450 per person. 

The Plucky package does not include air fare, 
lunches or dinners, other than the meals listed above.

Also note that 2019 prices will be approximately 15% higher than the posted 2018 prices.

Please send an email message to: 
to secure your space for this fabulous trip!  

A non-refundable deposit is due when you sign up for the trip. 
($995 deposit each for travelers sharing a room,
$1,225 deposit for single accommodation travelers) 

It's time for your Plucky British adventure...
Pip Pip and Cheerio!
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