Hello there!

I'm Pam Knecht, founder and C.P.O. (Chief Plucky Officer) of the Plucky Maidens.

My love of junk and passion for the thrill of the hunt began early.  Before I could even drive, I used to ride my purple Schwinn Hollywood to the Salvation Army on Main Street in Garden Grove, California.  I filled the bike basket with floral tablecloths, old books and vintage Christmas gems.  As it turns out, those are all things I still love to collect.

During and after college, I lived in Paris, London and New York City.  Portland has been home for 20 years.  In 2011, the Plucky Maidens launched.  Our shows are Smorgasbords of Vintage Wares...We junk! We dance to live music!  We enjoy adult beverages!  In addition to our Junk Fest! events, I also lead small group, 6 day tours of the flea markets and junking venues of Paris.  We'll be launching London trips in 2016. Tours to New York will be on the docket in the future, as well.

Please join us in our festive and fabulous pursuit of all things junky!  And remember....
It's Good to be Plucky!

xoxo Pam

P.S. See that purple Schwinn Hollywood in the photo?  That's the bike I have now, her name is Audrey.  She is the (almost) exact model of the bike I rode on my first junking expeditions, all those years ago, on the streets of my hometown.


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  3. Miss working with you Pam on the Plucky Maidens Vintage Bridal Show...I will always follow you and come to your events when I can..:)

    1. Just seeing this message Cindy, thank you! I'd love to see you at a future Plucky Maidens event...or to have you on a trip to Paris or London!