Saturday, March 31, 2018

Let's Paint That Charming French Town Rouge!

Let's talk about Bordeaux, France, shall we? Bordeaux is a beautiful city about 5 hours SW of Paris. It's dynamic and accessible; full of kind people, wonderful shops, delicious cafes and opportunities for finding fabulous vintage French treasures! 

I have just 4 spots left for the Plucky Maidens Bordeaux adventure from June 7 - 12, 2018.
 Six days and five nights of junking, exploring and guffawing. 

Single accommodation - $2,975 ~~~ Shared accommodation - $2,175 per person
Includes hotel, breakfast, all group activities. 
Does not include air fare or meals, other than breakfast. 
Inquiries to

Here are a few reviews of past Plucky Maidens trips to Paris:
I am still dreaming of Paris with Plucky Pam! This woman knows how to transform a huge, daunting city into a fun, easily navigable and even intimate place. We were able to see some of the traditional sights but also explore unique markets, interesting eateries and captivating shops and areas of the city. Our hotel was incredible with a lovely staff, comfortable rooms, brie and baguette every morning and that coffee. Oh, that coffee. Pam went out of her way to help us first-timers to Paris see the city through a unique lens...up close, personal and truly part of something magical. Can you tell I'm ready to go back? Next time, I'm bringing a bigger suitcase!
~ Bekki M.
I took my mom on Pam's Paris trip last May for her birthday - what an excellent way to celebrate a birthday! Touring Paris with Pam is the very best way to learn this amazing city. Every day a new junking location. You journey to each neighborhood by metro or bus (the best way to learn a city!), explore the area and junk like crazy. Each day we learned about a different area of Paris and had extra time to explore places special to us on our own time. The hotel location is perfect - surrounded by sweet streets with cafes and shops. I dream of another trip with Pam!
~ Debbe H.
Oh my goodness! I miss all the girls so much! This group photo reminds me of what a fantastic time i had in Paris last September! What a truly beautiful experience to share with Roger Jerome and we thank you Pam! From learning our way around on the transit system, to all the great excursions we went on as a group it was a "top of the line" tour! 
~ Joanna J.

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