Our Amazing Holiday Junk Fest! 2015 Vendors ~ Hip Hip Hooray!

We are exactly a week away from the Pluckiest event 
of the holiday season!

See the list of our vendors just below this handsome fella...

St. Vincent de Paul
Salvage Works
Scientifically Artful
Pitula the Jeweler
Aunt Adeleine's Vintage
Design by Calley
Attic Antics
Marika's Collectables
Terry Powers Recycled Metal
The Squirrel Jar
Becky Peyton
Let Them Eat Cake Vintage
Debbi's Gems
Magpie Ethel
My Bonny
The Rustic Raven
Marla Goodman
J G Creations
I Spy Antiques
The Monkey & The Crow
Robin Shue
Hyde and Seek
FridaMae Studios
Sweet Pea Pastiche
2nd Childhood Girlfriends
Saltbox Vintage
Apron Strings
Vintage Chick Designs
Fun Junk
Mata Hari
Vintage Junkies
Sue Handman Fabric Collage
Mon Cheri
Metro Retro
Late Night Lampworks
Gloria Delfin
Resurrected Rags
Dora Lou
Vintage Pink
Judith Rafferty
Tollen Farm
Horse's Patoot
Urban Gleaner
Judy Coiteaux
Marla Goodman
Robin Shue
Attic Journals
Charm School
Wren's Cottage Nest
Red Star Art
My Favorite Button
Queen of Arts
Becky Peyton
Moss & Mirror
Robin Keehr
Ida Done That
Lisa Stember
Pauline Robert
Faith Van Belle
Tracy Price
Bonnie Pavel
Scout Mercantile
Jane Conlon
A Fork in the Forest
Chalk it up with Ty

See you so very soon and remember....
It's Good to Be Plucky!

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