Treasures Found While Skulking Around Estate Sales

This perfectly Jade green and rusty table base thing-a-ma-jig. 

Tina Turner's Christmas stocking

70's era Cotton/Percale sheets, the kind my mom got us at Sears.  
Posies of violets, tied with pink ribbon and blue stripes, just because.  
Ridiculously adorable.

 Simplicity dress patterns.  I'm planning an art project
using just their heads.  I also want someone to make me that black and white polka dot organza number, but with a slightly larger waist.

And this, possibly the best thing I have ever found.  I know I say that a lot, 
but I really mean it this time.  It's like an Andy Warhol illustration that came to life.
I'm pretty sure it's a Christmas decoration, 
but it may have to live on my wall all year round.

Happy hunting, Plucky people!
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