And then THIS happened!

The Plucky Maidens Junk Fest! just made news on the Huffington Post!
We are the only market from the great state of Oregon 
to make Huff Post's list of
"The Only Guide You Need to the Best Flea Markets in America".  

We are tickled pink to have been included....and only a few weeks
 after also being listed as one of the
 "TOP TEN Flea Markets in the Country" by USA TODAY.

Won't you join us for our next event?  

* 50+ vendors * Live music * Beer, wine & nosh * General naughtiness * 
* Free parking * Free for kids 12 & under * 
* Family fun at Oaks Amusement Park (separate admission)* 
* Held on the shady grounds on the banks of Portland's Willamette River * 

It's good to be Plucky!
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